About the Colorado Kids Cancer Association

Our Mission:

The Colorado Kids Cancer Association (CKCA) community consists of independent member organizations and advocates each working to provide assistance for children and young adults diagnosed with cancer, their families and caregivers. CKCA has also functioned as the pediatric arm of the Colorado Cancer Coalition, which is a program of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Our mission is to provide assistance and a comprehensive set of resources for children and young adults diagnosed with cancer, their siblings, families and caregivers.

Our History:

In early 2005, the then Denver Childhood Cancer Community was started as a forum in which members of the community who have a desire to be of service and support to the young cancer patients in our state could come together and discuss the best ways to provide those services. Over time, the group has grown to include outreach to all areas of the state, and since 2012, the Colorado Kids Cancer Association has been serving the Colorado community.

In other words – we want to help!

The group has maintained a primary focus of sharing resources and collaborating on ways to best meet the needs of the Colorado young-cancer patient population. Through our quarterly meetings, we are able to analyze and evaluate the greatest areas of service needs facing our constituency and work together to direct resources to meet those needs. Further, the group works with service providers and hospitals to streamline access to care issues so as to assist all patients in getting the quality of care they require.

In other words – we are able to help!

In 2009 we completed our partnership with the Colorado Cancer Coalition, becoming their acting Pediatric Task Force. This partnership has allowed us to ensure that the needs of the pediatric, adolescent and young adult population are addressed at the State level and that the specific concerns for our patient population are also considered by all other Coalition Task Forces. Further, our activities with the Coalition have allowed Colorado to be among the first states in the nation to fully address the needs of the pediatric and adolescent/ young cancer population in a State Cancer Plan.

In other words – we are making sure that the State is ready to help, too!

The Colorado Kids Cancer Association is one of the first organizations of its kind and members of the Association are actively involved with other national organizations looking to build similar associations within their own state.

In other words – we are helping ensure there is help across the country for all kids battling cancer!

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