Nighthawk Ranch

Services: Activities and Recreation
Founded: 2010

Nighthawk Ranch is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides free one-week programs to kids (10-18 years old) in the final stages of treatment (or out of treatment). We provide traditional camp activities as well as activities that come with living on a working ranch.


Nighthawk Ranch is much more than just another camping experience. Kids (10-18) with cancer (first phases of treatment behind them) will have the opportunity to live on a ranch and develop skills that will show them just how incredibly capable they are.

And since programs are limited to 6 kids, each camper will have personalized support. Campers will be encouraged to not only challenge themselves, but to cheer on other campers as they meet challenges head-on and handle them with strength and joy. So, by the end of the one-week-long session, these kids' spirits really do soar.

Mission: The mission of Nighthawk Ranch is to provide a safe, healing environment for 10-18 year olds recovering from cancer with the goal of increasing self-esteem and hope for the future.

Some may ask, "So, is Nighthawk Ranch a camp or a ranch?" And the answer is, "It's both!"

Nighthawk Ranch is a unique place that offers activities the typical camp offers (archery, ropes course, camping, etc.), but we also offer campers a chance to experience activities that come with living on a working ranch. Campers stay in a beautiful 10,000 square foot log cabin and will wake up bright and early each day of their one-week session and feed the cows and horses. Each camper will be responsible for grooming and caring for their own horse, and this will be the horse that they will learn to ride (horse-whisperer style). But horses and cows are not the only animals at Nighthawk Ranch. Campers will see elk, deer, rabbits, dogs, and many other species of wildlife roaming around the ranch. So for kids and teenagers who love animals (and having fun), this will be an experience that will stay with them for a long time.

The Application Process: If you would like to fill out an application for a camper or if you would like to fill out an application to volunteer at Nighthawk Ranch, please go to our programs page. Scroll down to the box titled "Summer Camp Breeze." Click on that box and then click on either "Parent" or "Volunteer" to create your profile on Summer Camp Breeze. Once that is complete you will be directed to the Camps Page. From there you can apply to Nighthawk Ranch.

Camp Sessions are Free: All one-week sessions at Nighthawk Ranch are 100% free to kids that qualify. And because of our relationship with Angel Flight we are able to not only accept kids from Colorado, but from surrounding states as well. Please contact us to ask if we can make these arrangements in your particular case. Travel expenses are completely taken care of for kids that qualify, so there is absolutely no cost to the families.

With all the care and support of the staff & volunteers, the natural beauty of the land, the wonder of the wildlife, and all the activities, campers will have the time of their lives. At Nighthawk Ranch kids and teenagers can do what they do best... be a kid again.

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Tiffany Davis
Phone: 303-877-5915

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