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Joseph's Journey is dedicated to providing wilderness experiences to children with terminal and life-threatening illnesses. Our adventures include hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, climbing, and more-- it is up to the child. Joseph’s Journey is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Joseph's Journey was founded in memory of Joseph Steuart, a young outdoorsman and brave cancer victim. Joseph’s parents, Kim and Vickie, along with his sister Teresa witnessed firsthand what children with life-threatening illnesses have to endure.

Joseph’s family knew what the outdoors meant to him- happiness, camaraderie, times of both great excitement and peaceful relaxation… and a connection to the world around us. They knew that Joseph would want other sick children to have those same opportunities, and it was in this knowledge that they created Joseph’s Journey.

Joseph’s Journey specializes in personalized outdoor adventures- fishing, hunting, camping and more with experienced professional guides. We do our utmost to tailor each journey to meet both the wishes and medical requirements of each child.

Joseph’s Journey also holds a fishing derby every June for kids with life threatening illness. The derby includes free food, games, outdoor learning, entertainment, all at a special location where there is a great chance to catch fish.

For information about personalized journeys or the annual fishing derby, please visit our website:

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Kim and Vickie Steuart
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